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ENVision Laboratories, Inc. (ENVision) is an independent environmental testing laboratory providing comprehensive environment analytical services to clients throught the Midwest. The Foundation of this lab was built by its staff and puts a sense of passion, pride and ownership into serving you. That is what drives us each day. We welcome you to our website and invite you to learn more about us.

ENVision View Has Arrived!

As a part of our continuing process improvement program, ENVision Labs has added a FTP site to better serve you.  Our service is called ENVision View.  It is an easy file transfer protocol (FTP) site that stores your PDF files on our servers and allows you to access your completed reports, EDD’s, and Level Packages in our virtual file cabinet.  The PDFs can be sorted however you wish to view them (by month, by project name…etc.)  As with any FTP site, security is a major component.  Each client receives their own username and password so their files can only be accessed by them.  The site is easy to use and simple to navigate.  If you already have your username and password, then simply click on the following link and sign in:

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If you need a username and/or password, just contact your project manager (ccrum@envisionlaboratories.com or dnorris@envisionlaboratories.com, 317-351-8632) and they will set up your account.