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Why ENVision

Quality – ENVision voluntarily participates in NELAP (National Environmental Accreditation Program).  Envision analyzes multiple PT’s (performance test samples) for all in house parameters throughout the year.

Value – ENVision is committed to providing our clients with the most competitive pricing possible.  ENVision will do its best with project specific quotes to help you win a project.

Support – The ENVision project management team acts as your representative within the laboratory.  Prioritizing your sample results based on your project needs.  The team is always responsive to your questions/inquires, be it good or bad news.  The team has experience at the bench level as well as the sampling/consulting level.

Timeliness – ENVision’s standard turnaround time is one calendar week.  ENVision DOES prioritize rush samples and strives to report them to you as early in the day as possible.